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6pcs/Pack Fake Rock Green Foam Moss Stones

6pcs/Pack Fake Rock Green Foam Moss Stones

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Nature-Inspired Elegance: Unveil the beauty of our 6pcs/Pack Fake Rock Green Foam Moss Stones, a seamless fusion of artificial aesthetics and natural charm.

Versatile Bonsai Delight: Crafted with precision from high-quality PA material, these bonsai-style decorative rocks bring the essence of nature to your home and garden.

Endless Decor Possibilities: Ideal for plant enthusiasts, home decorators, and pet owners, these lifelike stones add a touch of greenery to your space without the need for maintenance.

Micro Landscaping Marvel: Perfect for creating micro landscapes, these artificial stones are not just decorations but also serve as unique accents for pet toys, enhancing your home with creativity.

Floor-Ready Flourish: Designed for easy placement on floors, these faux moss stones are a delightful addition to any room, providing a burst of green freshness.


  • Material: PA
  • Plant Style: BONSAI
  • Placement: Floor
  • Number of Pcs: 6pcs


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